[aurorageneration] Re: ၄၈ လမ္းပလီ မီးေလာင္မႈ သတင္းမွတ္တမ္း

ေကၽႊးမွာေပါ့ ကုလားႀကီးရယ္ လာခဲ ေလ ။အရသာေတြၿပီး
တိုမ်ားက ၀က္သားမစားရမေနနိင္လိုပါ ကြယ္။

On 4/4/13, Mr Sit Thwe <mrsitthwe@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 10:16 AM, Mr Sit Thwe <mrsitthwe@gmail.com> wrote:
>> အလာရဲ႕အလုိေတာ္အတုိင္းပဲေပါ့ကြယ္ .....အဟက္ဟက္
>> On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 8:09 AM, Nay La Min
>> <foreversunshine21@gmail.com>wrote:
>>> It is not my point whether it is funny or not. It is your point only. If
>>> you accused like this, the side of Buddhist will accuse the negative
>>> points
>>> of Muslims. Every sides has negative and positive points. I do not deny
>>> and
>>> refuse that there are some very reactive and emotion driven reactors in
>>> Myanmar Buddhist, but, you also should admit that there are a lot of
>>> Muslims who are exploiting and abusing poor Myanmar Buddhists, with the
>>> help of corrupting officers. So, both sides need not to deny and refuse
>>> the
>>> real things. If each side has the sense of "insider point of views" it
>>> will be ok! I am here not to argue with you! ok! IF you want to argue,
>>> there will be other people to argue with you. I am here to request you
>>> all.
>>> To appreciate good points of all,
>>> To admit bad points of all by ourselves,( do not say impossible
>>> things,"we are so very innocent and it is due to opposite side")
>>> To apologize one another for wrong things that happen.
>>> To forgive one another.
>>> The majority to give sympathy and empathy to the minority.
>>> If the minority are powerful with the help of corrupting officers and
>>> due
>>> to hidden factors, not to exploit and abuse poor majority.
>>> Minority to respect Majority and also Majority to respect Minority.
>>> Please keep in Mind that I am not here to argue with you.
>>> I request you all to do just " Appreciate, Admit, Apologize and Forgive"
>>> OK??
>>> If you still want to argue for misinterpreted and modified religious
>>> teachings by religious leaders ( for their profit and making political
>>> powers via religious brain wash) , please, argue with the one who want
>>> to
>>> argue!!!!!!!!!! because I believe that all religions in the world now
>>> are
>>> misinterpreted, mistranslated and modified by self interested, profit
>>> making religious leaders for their position
>>> and I believe all religious leaders should stay away from political
>>> field. and brotherhood is also a kind of Neo Fascist.
>>> If you still want to argue with me,
>>> I will appreciate your good points.
>>> I will admit my bad points I have done to you.
>>> I will apologize for what I have done and for what my religious people
>>> have done to you.
>>> I will forgive what you and your religious people have done to me and my
>>> religious people. Ok! bye! Think with your brain and heart if your heart
>>> really has diamonds. Every religion has positive and negative points,
>>> will
>>> be popular or notorious!
>>> Bests,
>>> On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 9:14 PM, Diamond Heart
>>> <diamond.heart1@gmail.com>wrote:
>>>> Nay La Min
>>>> Muslims should not easily accuse Myanmar as the fire burner.
>>>> That's funny, Muslims didn't accuse like that, they just say it is
>>>> possible that extremist Buddhists terrorists thugs set fire because
>>>> that's what they did and become notorious recently.
>>>> --

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